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"Best dog we've ever owned"   A quote from a recent email from the owners of Bear,  from the SGT Pepper litter



Click here for pictures of River's 2009 litter

Plumas Golden Retrievers ("PGR") is located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California in Eastern Plumas County.  We are approximately 40 miles north of Truckee, and 50 miles northwest of Reno. Our home is in Maybe where we have several hundred acres. Fortunately, the Forest Service pays taxes on all but three acres. It is on these three acres that our house sits. The middle fork of the Feather River runs nearby. During normal winters, we have five feet of snow on the ground. Wild life abounds, with regular visits from bears, deer, an occasional mountain lion and lots of geese. Essentially, we live in golden retriever heaven.

La Casa


We are a small breeder of golden retrievers. We plan to have only one litter a year.  We intend to stay small because we want to provide all of the necessary attention to each litter to ensure the best behaved and socialized puppies possible.  This is more a passion than a business for us.  We own both the sire and dam, and both are on site. 


Below is a picture of Tiger, from the Van Morrison litter, meeting his new mate, Tucker, from the EC litter, both owned by the same family. 


Below is a picture of Flynn, from the "EC" litter, returning home after a successful hunting trip.  Flynn should be particularly proud of his catch as pink, plastic flamingos are rare in Plumas County.


In the picture below, Flyn seems a bit confused.  "You are a bird dog, not a bird watching dog!"




Our family has raised seven golden retrievers.  Probably more correct, our golden retrievers raised our family.  Our goldens have always been an important part of our family, playing key roles in raising two sons.  They are "in the house" dogs, they sleep on the floor in our bedrooms, they travel with us on vacations and even go to work on occasion. "The Gang," above, shows three of our family's current goldens.  On the left is Ike, who is not a part of our breeding program.  In the middle is Trip, our sire, and on the right is Kacey, who now has 28 puppies out in the world.   Our newest addition is River, who is pictured below.  Click on her picture to see pictures of her and her new puppies


On the right is a picture of Trip.  To learn more about Trip, to review his pedigree, and to see more pictures of him, please click on his picture to the right.

"Buck is my 4th Golden but he is the most intellligent of the four. "  A quote from an email from the owners of Buck, from the Sgt Pepper litter


On the left is a picture of River.  To learn more about River, to review her pedigree, and to see more pictures of her, please click on her picture.


Above is the new Princess of the family SCOUT.


Above is a picture of Kacey. To learn more about Kacey, to review her pedigree, and to see more pictures, please click on her picture.